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BlogCraving specializes in WordPress based gossip websites. If you visit, you can see a list of our client samples.  We currently serve many of the top gossip sites.

We offer you the piece of mind that you general technical site needs will be handled by a professional that knows 1) WordPress, and 2) the celeb blog biz.

Each month, you’ll receive the piece of mind that things like upgrades, server bugs, code errors, etc can be quickly addressed. And again, it doesn’t cost you any money out of pocket…ever.

Our service agreement is paid for by simply placing an ad unit on your website. This ad unit does not conflict with any other ads you currently have on your site. iCast sells those ads to cover the cost of our services for you.  Therefore, your technical needs are completely paid for at no cost to you.

Here’s an example of a recent case where BlogCraving came in handy for one of our clients.

The client installed a new plugin that turned out to have some malicious scripts in it. The plugin caused a significant error in the database itself.

Unfortunately, the client’s host backed up the site every 24 hours. However, the client did not notice the problem until 3 days after the fact. So all of the backups had been tainted with the bad code in the database.

We were able to manually go into the database and clean up the errors by hand. We had the site back up and running 100% within 3 hours. The client was on the brink of losing 2 years worth of posts!

We also handle the more simple, but annoying tasks like system upgrades, general maintenance, SEO, etc.  You can choose to spend your monthly maintenance time any way you choose.

And when the time comes for bigger projects, we offer preferred hourly rates for construction of new content and design.

We would love to make your site one of the newest members of the BlogCraving family. Cancel any time.

100% FREE Professional WordPress Blog Installation

Barter for Web Services

money 150x150 Barter for Web ServicesWe generally try to focus our advice towards beginner bloggers, but this one is for the more “seasoned” blogger.

Know what you’re worth!

There comes a point where your site is in limbo. You’ve risen to the top of the pack in your category. Or maybe you deserve to be on one of those “The Best ____ Blogs You’ve Never Heard Of.” However, you’re not quite making thousands of dollars a year.

So you’d like to keep blazing the trail, but you need some serious, professional services to get you there. Then again, you’re not exactly raking in the dough.

So what do you do? Barter.

Your site has pretty good traffic, right. Heck, it has great traffic and is growing every day!

See if your potential service providers will accept a barter arrangement. They provide certain technical services for you in exchange for advertising space on your blog. That way, no cash ever has to exchange hands.

In our case, iCast Limited takes on the occasional barter deal. We serve advertisements that we sell to other companies and serve them on our network of bartered sites. So we make money all year long off the ads, and our clients get reliable, professional technical services.

Everybody is happy, and you didn’t have to break the bank!

Should I Blog Anonymously?

341429556 4ad8824eec.thumbnail Should I Blog Anonymously? It depends.

No.  If you are writing a blog for your business or with a journalistic style, then generally: NO.  Go ahead and put your name on there and take the credit you deserve.  Since you’re writing this blog to build your business and attract new customers, you want to tell everyone under the sun.


Yes.  Do not put your real name on anything!  If you don’t fit the profile above, it is probably better to leave your name off the blog.  No one really needs to know who you really are.  In the long term, your life will end up easier.

Also, don’t tell anyone you know about your blog including friends, family, co-workers, clients, employers, etc.  The nice thing about a blog is the ability to speak your mind freely.  If all of a sudden, your mom and your boss start reading your blog, you might run into some issues.

They might get pissed at you over something you wrote, or you are naturally going to hold back because you know they are watching.

You also would have to keep your politics to yourself if your name were out in the open.  If you ever go out to get a new job, and your blog pops up in a background search (and it surely will), your political views might go against your proposed employer’s.

So if you are going to blog, just keep it under wraps when it comes to your personal life.  Everything will work out much better this way in the long run.  And you’ll enjoy the complete freedom to publish anything you want without fear of personal retribution.

100% FREE Professional WordPress Blog Installation

free wordpress services 100% FREE Professional Wordpress Blog InstallationYou may be thinking that Blog Craving has lost its mind. Maybe we have, but it works our great for you!

Blog Craving is offering 100% FREE WordPress setup and installations on your servers. It is completely free, no strings attached!

If you’ve been toying with the idea of hosting you blog on your own servers so you can have a) More control over the look, b) use cool plugins, c) place ads on your blog, or for any other reason, now is your chance.

A Blog Craving WordPress expert will professionally install WordPress on your servers, on any host (provided they meet the WordPress specs), setup the databases, and do preliminary quality assurance testing for absolutely ZERO cost.

Blog Craving is not selling you the WordPress software. You can go get it yourself for free from! However, for the someone who’s not tech savvy, installing a blogging system can be intimidating. That’s where our free services comes in. You don’t have to worry about it, we will.

Still think it is too good to be true? Well, we don’t know how else to prove it other than to say “try it today!”

If you would like to get WordPress installed by a professional absolutely free, get started right now! CONTACT US, right now. We will get in touch with you shortly so we can get started.

Let us prove it to you right now. CONTACT US TODAY.

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