Can Facebook Build Your Brand?

In recent years, Facebook has exploded in popularity. Millions of people now use the social media website for everything from catching up with long-lost relatives to advertising their business. While many business owners would love to leverage the power of Facebook to help get the word out about their companies, some are unsure of they should use a Facebook business page to build their brand.

Online Reputations

facebook like 266x196 Can Facebook Build Your Brand?Before creating a Facebook page for your company, you may wish to run a search for your business name on a major search engine like Google and see what comes up. You might be either pleasantly surprised or unexpectedly bothered by what you see. [Read more…]

Facebook Forces Users to Adopt Facebook Email Alias: How to Undo

Facebook, Twitter, and the blogosphere are a buzz today after the latest bullish move by Facebook.  Without you knowing, Facebook decided that you would prefer to have your public email address as:  [email protected]

facebook email 266x291 Facebook Forces Users to Adopt Facebook Email Alias: How to Undo

Facebook went ahead and changed the email address in my contact info to [email protected] even though I had a GMail and Work email address setup.

If you had made your personal or business email address public in your profile (or even just visible to your friends), Facebook went ahead and changed that.

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Facebook has decided you will use their email whether you want to, or not.

My story is just like the millions of Facebook users that are now realizing what changes were made.

I had a few email addresses visible in my profile depending on the reason you may be reaching out to me.  I had both my personal GMail account public as well as a business email address since I am Facebook friend with many industry colleagues.

However, you would never have known it by looking at my contact info earlier today.  You would just have seen [email protected]  My GMail and Work info had disappeared.

They are not deleted from my account info, but rather set to “not show” on my Facebook timeline.

How to change your Facebook email info in your profile.

Yes, it is annoying as hell (more on that later).  However, it is not that difficult to change.

1) Log into your account and view your Info in your profile.
2) Click the EDIT button.

facebook email edit 266x291 Facebook Forces Users to Adopt Facebook Email Alias: How to Undo
3) Next to each email address, there is a little drop down that will let you select your preference for that email address to be publicly viewable on your timeline.

facebook email change your settings Facebook Forces Users to Adopt Facebook Email Alias: How to Undo
 4) Set the @facebook one to not be viewable if you do not plan to use it.  Note: You cannot delete it like you can with other email addresses tied to your account.

It appears that if you had no email address publicly visible, Facebook honored that choice by not showing your new address either.  But if you were public with a specific email address, that one is now almost certainly hidden.  You’ll have to go back in and make it available again. [Read more…]

Facebook Timeline Coming to ‘Pages’ on March 30th

facebook timeline pages businesses 240x293 Facebook Timeline Coming to Pages on March 30th


You officially have 29 days to prep your business’ Facebook page for the conversion to Timeline.  That’s right, Facebook has officially announced that current Pages will be converted to “Timeline” mode on March 30th.  No, the change is not optional.

Timeline has been controversial.  Ironically, there is a Facebook Page called “Facebook Timeline Sucks.”  Little do they know how goofy that will look in 4 weeks.

If you have a Facebook page for your blog, you have until the end of the month to preview, prepare, end edit your page for Timeline deployment.  If you are ready to go, you can even push it live ahead of time.  However, after March 30th, it will automatically switch to Timeline mode forever.

Love it or hate it, Timeline does offer Page owners some handy new features.

You will now be able to take advantage of the large “Cover Photo” across the top of the page that you see in personal profiles using Timeline today.

Messaging is finally coming to Pages.  In the current (old) version of Pages, users were unable to send the brand a private message like you can to real people.  Now, users will be able to communicate directly and privately with the Page/Brand. [Read more…]

The Best Six Facebook WordPress Plugins

Facebook is the largest social media website and thousands of users update their accounts as often as possible. Therefore installing Facebook plugins in WordPress helps users to provide the “share posts on Facebook” option for their visitors. There are six really amazing Facebook WordPress plugins:

  1. WP-FBConnect: This plugin adds the Facebook functionality to WordPress Blogs through Facebook Connect APIs. To use this plugin you have to link your Facebook account to your WordPress and then sign into it again. This will allow you to publish comments through the Facebook newsfeed and avatars displayed in the comments field using WordPress.
  2. Add to Facebook: This plugin provides a link at the bottom of your blog posts for users to click on. Once they click on this link they can add the post they are currently on to the mini-feed on their Facebook home page. All they will need to do is sign into their Facebook account.
  3. Facebook Dashboard Widget: You have to be interactive on Facebook, and this application provides you with all the updates from friends. This widget allows users to work with both Facebook and WordPress to keep you updated about friends even if Facebook is blocked.
  4. Facebook Comments: This is a very useful plugin which imports all the comments made about your post which were shared on Facebook. These comments will be posted directly into your WordPress blogs so that you don’t miss any of the comments.
  5. Facebook Photos Plugin: Everyone likes images on posts; it makes them interesting, attractive and sometimes help people understand things better. This plugin helps you by making it easy to add photos to your blog posts. You simply have to link your plugins to your Facebook account using the WordPress blog. Once this is done, whenever you edit old or new posts in WordPress, a new icon in “Add Media Section” will appear. You will be able to see the uploaded photos in your Facebook account by clicking on the new icon visible on your screen. You will be able to insert your images as small sized, medium sized and large sized images. You can also align the images if you want.
  6. Gigya: This is a very important plugin and all its features are configurable using the WordPress Administration Panel. Once you use this plugin you can enjoy secure signup and login to your website. Additionally you will be able to update your status on different social media sites and invite your friends to the different social media sites to join your blog.

Beyond doubt, WordPress is the best blogging platform anyone can use with Facebook.