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So let’s dispense with the formalities.  I know you are probably thinking, “This must be some sort of a scam.”

I promise you, it is not.  This is free information, nothing more.  You will never be asked for a credit card number, address, phone number, etc.  Nothing.  Just you’re name and email address so we can email you each lesson.

Even your email address is safe, we hate SPAM as much as you do.  We despise it!  So you will never get any unwanted spam from us, and you’re information will never be sold.  If that still makes you nervous, you can unsubscribe at anytime…no questions asked.

BlogCraving uses Aweber to send our emails, an industry leader.  They have a zero-tolerance policy for spam.  BlogCraving would quickly get banned if we started sending you spam or unwanted emails.

Feel better now?

Here’s what you’ll get in this course:

Part 1 – Your plan of attack. How to pick your killer category, and crush it.  INSTANT!
Part 2 – Designing your blog brand. How to design your site to match your voice.
Part 3 – Site hosting. How to pick the best web host that can grow with you (cheap).
Part 4 – Getting noticed. How to get the first eyeballs on your site, plus your next 10,000.
Part 5 – Show me the money. How to generate advertising money without doing any work.
Part 6 – Tracking your growth. How to track how fast you are growing, and keep it going.

So give it a try.  You will get Lesson 1 sent to you instantly.  If you discover it isn’t something you’re interested in, you can unsubscribe with the click of a button.  You’ve got nothing to lose!  Enjoy.

Free WordPress Technical Support

BlogCraving specializes in WordPress based gossip websites. If you visit, you can see a list of our client samples.  We currently serve many of the top gossip sites.

We offer you the piece of mind that you general technical site needs will be handled by a professional that knows 1) WordPress, and 2) the celeb blog biz.

Each month, you’ll receive the piece of mind that things like upgrades, server bugs, code errors, etc can be quickly addressed. And again, it doesn’t cost you any money out of pocket…ever.

Our service agreement is paid for by simply placing an ad unit on your website. This ad unit does not conflict with any other ads you currently have on your site. iCast sells those ads to cover the cost of our services for you.  Therefore, your technical needs are completely paid for at no cost to you.

Here’s an example of a recent case where BlogCraving came in handy for one of our clients.

The client installed a new plugin that turned out to have some malicious scripts in it. The plugin caused a significant error in the database itself.

Unfortunately, the client’s host backed up the site every 24 hours. However, the client did not notice the problem until 3 days after the fact. So all of the backups had been tainted with the bad code in the database.

We were able to manually go into the database and clean up the errors by hand. We had the site back up and running 100% within 3 hours. The client was on the brink of losing 2 years worth of posts!

We also handle the more simple, but annoying tasks like system upgrades, general maintenance, SEO, etc.  You can choose to spend your monthly maintenance time any way you choose.

And when the time comes for bigger projects, we offer preferred hourly rates for construction of new content and design.

We would love to make your site one of the newest members of the BlogCraving family. Cancel any time.

100% FREE Professional WordPress Blog Installation

“Best of the Web” Goes Local

botw Best of the Web Goes Local

If you’ve ever tried to get your site listed in Best of the Web, you know it requires a bit of effort and often a peice of change.

Well, BOTW just launched a local version of their directory, called BOTW Local.  The basic listing is free, so you might as well sign up for it.

It allows searchers to locate businesses based on geography.  So if you offer a local product or service, this is the answer to the broader national directory.

Oh, and there’s always BOTW Blogs too.  But that will run you $50 once the 60 day trial is up.

So sign up today…can’t hurt.

Boost Your Site Traffic in 30 Days

I stumbled upon a an old post on ProBlogger about increasing your traffic in just 30 days. At first, I didn’t notice the date it was published, but I really believed in what it was saying. Then I noticed the date, and it made me laugh because the tips still hold true today.

Tip 3 was worth highlighting:

Finally, I made effective use of trackback links to popular sites. If I commented on a post on another site I would make sure that I set up the appropriate trackback for it. The results from this are varied depending on the site and post that you are linking to but since I liked to comment and interact with the wider blogosphere anyway, it was free traffic!

Even though this is from 2005, it is still true today. If you want to gain respect in the blogosphere, you have to earn it. Just writing your posts and sitting around waiting for the readers to flock in doesn’t work. You need to proactively get out there and make your name known.

However, I caution you against belatedly plugging yourself where ever you go. Don’t just comment on someone else’s post because you are looking to get clicks back to your site. And don’t make your comments into a big advertisement for yourself.

Instead, actually contribute something worthwhile to the conversation. That will gain you more blogging street cred

100% FREE Professional WordPress Blog Installation

free wordpress services 100% FREE Professional Wordpress Blog InstallationYou may be thinking that Blog Craving has lost its mind. Maybe we have, but it works our great for you!

Blog Craving is offering 100% FREE WordPress setup and installations on your servers. It is completely free, no strings attached!

If you’ve been toying with the idea of hosting you blog on your own servers so you can have a) More control over the look, b) use cool plugins, c) place ads on your blog, or for any other reason, now is your chance.

A Blog Craving WordPress expert will professionally install WordPress on your servers, on any host (provided they meet the WordPress specs), setup the databases, and do preliminary quality assurance testing for absolutely ZERO cost.

Blog Craving is not selling you the WordPress software. You can go get it yourself for free from! However, for the someone who’s not tech savvy, installing a blogging system can be intimidating. That’s where our free services comes in. You don’t have to worry about it, we will.

Still think it is too good to be true? Well, we don’t know how else to prove it other than to say “try it today!”

If you would like to get WordPress installed by a professional absolutely free, get started right now! CONTACT US, right now. We will get in touch with you shortly so we can get started.

Let us prove it to you right now. CONTACT US TODAY.

Blog Craving The Newest iCast Grad

Introducing,, the most recently redesigned blog done by We have to admit, it was not a terribly complicated job. There were only minor cosmetic updates that were made, but they did make a huge difference in the look.

The site was migrated from the TypePad platform to WordPress. The entire site’s archive of posts was moved over to the new system on new BlueHost servers. Also, there was some DNS work required.

Ad placement was another issue with this blog. The new site now allows it’s editor “hands free” ad publishing. We were able to set them up with a template that automatically places their revenue generating ads after certain posts, and on certain internal pages.

Check it out, it’s a great site!

smack2 The Newest iCast Grad

Is Your PC Healthy?

Due to popular demand, here are a variety of highly recommended programs that will vastly improve your computer performance.

Have a Mac? Ignore everything here because your computer already kicks ass.

Pop ups? Slow internet? No internet? Homepage keeps resetting itself? Congratulations, you have spyware!

To get rid of said spyware, download and run the following tools:

Adaware SE


Spyware Doctor

Download and install EACH of these programs. After installation, each program has an update feature that must be run. Then run the scans. Each will find a variety of spyware programs on your computer and clean them off. Don’t be lazy!! Download ALL of these programs and run each of them. Non of them are perfect, and they miss things. But if you run all three, you should be in better shape.

Have an annoying virus that Norton or McAfee won’t get rid of? Not sure what you have? Think you might have a virus? Well, you probably do have a virus.

Well, if you don’t already have antivirus software…GET SOME RIGHT NOW. Personally, I prefer Norton, but McAfee is good too.

However, there is a nifty little program out there that is free that does an amazing job. It will find stuff that the other antivirus programs won’t.

The program is called Anti-Vir. It can be downloaded at

Download and install this program. It is FREE. Get it running. If it beeps, that means it found something. It will clean it off. Internet acting unusually slow? Want to find out how fast it actually is?

Go to PC Pitstop and run the speed test. There are TWO separate tests. One tests your upload speed, and one tests your download speed. Check them out and compare your speed over time.

Have the program called “Webshots?” Yeah, you know that little program that changes your picture on your desktop and what not?

GET RID OF IT. Webshots = Bad News. While the program itself it not too bad, it allows a lot of other spyware crap to get on your computer. And actually, it takes up a ton of network resources.

“But what am I going to use for my pictures?” Use Yahoo pictures of Shutterfly. But never download one of those online picture sharing programs. BAD.

Weather Bug. Sorry….bad news too.

However, it can be controlled. Do NOT run Weatherbug at all times. You may think the program is closed, but it really isn’t. Usually, it parks itself down near the time on the lower right of your desktop. You need to make sure that Weatherbug does not open automatically on start-up. If you want to check the weather, open the program, and then exit out of it. Make sure it is not in your task bar!

Otherwise, and do just as good a job as Weatherbug and they won’t cause problems on your computer.

NOTE: Weatherbug will attempt to auto-install itself with AOL Instant Messager. Uncheck the option to install it when you are installing AIM.

Kazaa. Holy mother of God.

If you have Kazaa, get rid of it right now. You WILL get tons of viruses/spyware if you use this program.

Kazaa Lite: Not as bad, but still not good. Sure, you won’t get as much spyware, but these days there are a lot more viruses on it. Because of Kazaa Lite’s growing popularity, there have been more and more virus spread with it.

Instead, use LimeWire. This program was originally designed for Mac but is now available for PC. It has a special feature that will detect corrupt files or potentially virus infected items. Plus, there are generally fewer viruses out there being spread though LimeWire.

However, ANY P2P program can transmit viruses.

Also, iTunes works particularly well with Limewire. Get iTunes and you will no longer need WinMX, Real Player, or Windows Media player to play your personal music collection. iTunes also has an amazingly simple CD Burning component.

AIM Virus?

That’s easy.
1) Be careful when you click links in profiles.
2) Use run this quick tool, and it will be gone.


How could I have forgotten? Thanks, Dan, for reminding me.

If you are looking for a superior, 3rd party browser…get Firefox! Let’s face it, Internet Explorer can be pretty crappy. Firefox = WAY BETTER. You can used tabbed browsing, regular browsing, and its more or less spyware free.

Bust out of the box and try some Firefox. (wow…they rhymed.)

And for the love of God…

Run your Windows Updates!!!!!!! You know that little bubble that pops up and says “Updates are available for your computer” …? Yeah, guess what. THAT IS NOT A SUGGESTION. That little bubble can be annoying, but it is important. Those Windows updates fix the problems in the operating system that let viruses and spyware onto your computer in the first place.

Not running your Windows updates is as risky as leaving your car doors unlocked in Harlem. So don’t be lazy, and run your updates. You aren’t sitting in front of your computer every second of the day. So, when you get up to leave, start the updates. By the time you get back, they will probably be done. You don’t have to sit there and babysit the thing the whole time.

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