Tutorial: Different Sidebars for Homepage and Posts

This is an update with full illustrations to an older post.

Basic Method:

1) Find your sidebar.php file.

2) Make a copy of it.
Name it sidebar-secondary.php. Your second, third, forth, etc. sidebars
all need to start with sidebar-NAMEHERE.php. That’s part of the naming
convention in WordPress.

2sidebars Tutorial: Different Sidebars for Homepage and Posts

3) Make the content changes you need in secondary sidebar file.
This is where you make the secondary sidebar different. Whatever it is
you need to be different should go in this file. Save
sidebar-inside.php and upload it to your server.

4) Locate your single.php file.

5) Look for a line near the end of the file that looks like this: <?php get_sidebar(); ?>

6) Change it to <?php get_sidebar(‘inside’); ?> (note, the ‘inside’ part should match the name of the new sidebar-inside.php file). The single quote marks ‘ ‘ are required. [Read more...]

Customizing Your Blog with WordPress – For Beginners at Blogging

WordPress is the most recommended software application for beginners. This is because it is easy to understand and use for bloggers. With this application, one can design websites, beautify them and make their blogs attractive. Additionally, it is available for free.

Never forget that to attract traffic you need to dedicate more time and work hard. Unless you provide people with readable and enjoyable content, no one will read your blogs. Blogs are the quickest means to grow your website and making money. Therefore, as bloggers you must do all you can to manage the blog and make it worth reading.

How to Use WordPress?

This ideal blogging platform is really easy to use for anyone. You don’t need to be a web designer to be able to use WordPress. There are simple steps in using WordPress for blogs. [Read more...]

How To Convert PSD to WordPress Template

screenshot convert psd to wordpress theme How To Convert PSD to Wordpress Template

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