WordPress 2.5 is Here!

The brand spanking new WordPress 2.5 “Brecker” is here, and just hours old.

The crew over at WordPress just cut the newest stable version loose, and of course we installed it immediately. It is awesome.

wordpress25 300x192 Wordpress 2.5 is Here!There’s a ton of new features, bells, and whistles. However, I must say, my favorite thing is the new design of the back end from a cosmetic point of view. It is very clean, simple, and easy to navigate.

It’s also very BRIGHT! You actually feel lighter when you write. A very airy feel to it that makes it enjoyable to work.

The new “Write” screen also has built in tools for adding media such as YouTube videos, you own images, pdf’s, audio clips, and other media. You can even toggle to full screen mode, which makes the writing a little easier when you are working on those big posts. It blows the writing area up to the full width of your browser, which then makes it look/feel like you are working inside MS Word or similar word processing software.

After typing in your headline, you also get a preview of what your permalink will look like for that article. It is placed in a clear area for you to see. I’m hoping this encourages users to think about their slugs and urls a little more. The smarter you write your slug, the better your SEO will be.

If you write a blog with more than one person, there’s new features for you too! Now, you don’t have to worry about being inside a post and having your partner save over your edits. Once you open a post, it will keep other editors out while you work on it. That way you aren’t both working on it at the same time and saving over each other.

Tons of great features. iCast Limited is offering our professional services for this upgrade. If you would like to have us upgrade your WordPress blog for you, it will cost you just $29.95. Contact us if you are interested in this offer.

Don’t have a WordPress blog? It is very easily to migrate your current blog over to this platform. We offer those services too.

100% FREE Professional WordPress Blog Installation

free wordpress services 100% FREE Professional Wordpress Blog InstallationYou may be thinking that Blog Craving has lost its mind. Maybe we have, but it works our great for you!

Blog Craving is offering 100% FREE WordPress setup and installations on your servers. It is completely free, no strings attached!

If you’ve been toying with the idea of hosting you blog on your own servers so you can have a) More control over the look, b) use cool plugins, c) place ads on your blog, or for any other reason, now is your chance.

A Blog Craving WordPress expert will professionally install WordPress on your servers, on any host (provided they meet the WordPress specs), setup the databases, and do preliminary quality assurance testing for absolutely ZERO cost.

Blog Craving is not selling you the WordPress software. You can go get it yourself for free from WordPress.org! However, for the someone who’s not tech savvy, installing a blogging system can be intimidating. That’s where our free services comes in. You don’t have to worry about it, we will.

Still think it is too good to be true? Well, we don’t know how else to prove it other than to say “try it today!”

If you would like to get WordPress installed by a professional absolutely free, get started right now! CONTACT US, right now. We will get in touch with you shortly so we can get started.

Let us prove it to you right now. CONTACT US TODAY.

Blog Craving

The Juice is Loose!

Check out the Juice network of sites, NFLJuice.com and NASCARJuice.com.

nfljuice The Juice is Loose!

nascar The Juice is Loose!

Clearly, these are two of the best up and coming sports blogs on the net.  iCast Limited is proud to be the preferred technical resource for the Juice sites.  We’re looking forward to even more projects!

CelebritySmackBlog.com: The Newest iCast Grad

Introducing, CelebritySmackBlog.com, the most recently redesigned blog done by theicast.com. We have to admit, it was not a terribly complicated job. There were only minor cosmetic updates that were made, but they did make a huge difference in the look.

The site was migrated from the TypePad platform to WordPress. The entire site’s archive of posts was moved over to the new system on new BlueHost servers. Also, there was some DNS work required.

Ad placement was another issue with this blog. The new site now allows it’s editor “hands free” ad publishing. We were able to set them up with a template that automatically places their revenue generating ads after certain posts, and on certain internal pages.

Check it out, it’s a great site!

smack2 CelebritySmackBlog.com: The Newest iCast Grad