WordPress 2.5 is Here!

The brand spanking new WordPress 2.5 “Brecker” is here, and just hours old.

The crew over at WordPress just cut the newest stable version loose, and of course we installed it immediately. It is awesome.

wordpress25 300x192 Wordpress 2.5 is Here!There’s a ton of new features, bells, and whistles. However, I must say, my favorite thing is the new design of the back end from a cosmetic point of view. It is very clean, simple, and easy to navigate.

It’s also very BRIGHT! You actually feel lighter when you write. A very airy feel to it that makes it enjoyable to work.

The new “Write” screen also has built in tools for adding media such as YouTube videos, you own images, pdf’s, audio clips, and other media. You can even toggle to full screen mode, which makes the writing a little easier when you are working on those big posts. It blows the writing area up to the full width of your browser, which then makes it look/feel like you are working inside MS Word or similar word processing software.

After typing in your headline, you also get a preview of what your permalink will look like for that article. It is placed in a clear area for you to see. I’m hoping this encourages users to think about their slugs and urls a little more. The smarter you write your slug, the better your SEO will be.

If you write a blog with more than one person, there’s new features for you too! Now, you don’t have to worry about being inside a post and having your partner save over your edits. Once you open a post, it will keep other editors out while you work on it. That way you aren’t both working on it at the same time and saving over each other.

Tons of great features. iCast Limited is offering our professional services for this upgrade. If you would like to have us upgrade your WordPress blog for you, it will cost you just $29.95. Contact us if you are interested in this offer.

Don’t have a WordPress blog? It is very easily to migrate your current blog over to this platform. We offer those services too.

How To Make Your Business Website Better

There comes a time in every business owner’s professional life when they realize that site they had put together back in 1996 is now worthless. Let’s face it, by today’s standards, it sucks. Maybe it’s even worse, and you don’t have one in the first place.

What stopping you? I know, sometimes it feels like what isn’t stopping you. Everything these days is driving your cost of doing business up.

Luckily, your website shouldn’t be something that weighs your business down. As a matter of fact, with a minimal investment, you could turn that old site of yours from an eyesore into a revenue generator.

How? Well, I’m going to share some more tips and advice, so bookmark this page. You’ll want it later!

First, let’s kill one of the biggest myths I hear all the time: “I don’t need a great site because I don’t sell my products/services online. So what does it matter?”

Besides being flat out wrong, what’s frustrating about that comment is the hint of laziness behind it. Most business owners know full well that they need to have a respectable website if they want to be taken seriously in the marketplace.

“It costs too much to have a good site.” Wrong.

This is what derails most well intentioned business owners. Admittedly, they aren’t that technically savvy, so they feel vulnerable to sleazy coders out there. To avoid that, they end up approaching huge site building firms for something that is fairly simple. Consequently, the price-tag ends up being prohibitively high. So, that “web idea” gets put back on the shelf again until next year.

The fact is, you can get great web development services, you just need to know where to look. [Read more...]