Boost Your Site Traffic in 30 Days

I stumbled upon a an old post on ProBlogger about increasing your traffic in just 30 days. At first, I didn’t notice the date it was published, but I really believed in what it was saying. Then I noticed the date, and it made me laugh because the tips still hold true today.

Tip 3 was worth highlighting:

Finally, I made effective use of trackback links to popular sites. If I commented on a post on another site I would make sure that I set up the appropriate trackback for it. The results from this are varied depending on the site and post that you are linking to but since I liked to comment and interact with the wider blogosphere anyway, it was free traffic!

Even though this is from 2005, it is still true today. If you want to gain respect in the blogosphere, you have to earn it. Just writing your posts and sitting around waiting for the readers to flock in doesn’t work. You need to proactively get out there and make your name known.

However, I caution you against belatedly plugging yourself where ever you go. Don’t just comment on someone else’s post because you are looking to get clicks back to your site. And don’t make your comments into a big advertisement for yourself.

Instead, actually contribute something worthwhile to the conversation. That will gain you more blogging street cred

If Mark Cuban can do it, so can you!

225px mark cuban web 20 conference.thumbnail If Mark Cuban can do it, so can you!There was an excellent article up on the NY Times Personal Tech section about blogging. The headline really caught my eye, “So You Want to Be a Blogging Star…”

It starts right off with the story of billionaire Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and Chairman of HDNet. Cuban writes his own blog, He’s probably one of the busiest businessmen you’ll ever meet, yet he still has time to write his blog.

So what’s the big deal with a billionaire writing a blog? Can’t everyone have a hobby? Well, Cuban’s blog is ranked among the top 1,000 blogs in the world. Considering that there are tens of millions of blogs on the web, that’s a huge accomplishment.

Funny enough, he actually has an active discussion going on right now about blogging. Apparently, bloggers in the Mav’s locker room is becoming a big deal. I kind of disagree with his position though. (See my response below)

Another point I think should be highlighted in the in the article is where they mention participating in the blogging community. This is extremely important. Once you get your blog off the ground, even if is only a few posts old, get out there! Start participating in the community. Write comments on other blogs. Link to other blogs too. [Read more...]